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Our Current Lead time is 6-8 weeks


 Please note that everything is made to order, and orders are taken on a first come first served basis; therefore, the shipping dates given are approximate. Given that this is a home-based business, a one-person operation, and the time that it takes to create this art, there are times when unforeseen circumstances can create delays in the making and shipping of a piece. Please know that great care and effort is put into each and every one that is made. I am very detail oriented and have a drive to maintain excellence in quality and on time delivery, but know that quality will never be sacrificed in order to ensure a faster turnaround. In the event that an order is going to be foreseeably late, I will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible of the potential delay.

 If you have a specific date you need, please advise us so we can try and have it ready for you by the date needed.

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